First, equal all the heart of the employees of Saigon An Phu ., Ltd, we would like to send our best regards, gratitudes and best wishes to you customers and partners.

Our company established with the criterion: ” PRESTIGE AND QUALITY IS FIRST

Saigon An Phu ., Ltd (Savax Metal) is bring the mission to contributing to the improvement of product quality in each project through machining direct of metal products as required and supplying the best quality CNC machines that serve for machining needs in mechanical at factories.


Equal the will of determination and the spirit of continuous innovation of a strong team and vision the strategy of the leader.

Sai Gon An Phu., Ltd, will develop itself to become a leading company in the field of designing, executing metal products and supplying a large number of equipment, machines to the markets.


With motto: ” Your satisfaction is our pride

– Ensuring quality, progress, bringing confidence to customers.
– Bring new technology into the production in order to creates breakthrough value in each product.
– Ensure absolute safety on work.
– Contributing to community development and contributing build to the country.


– Become a leading company in the field of designing executing metal furniture
– Construction of foreign works such as: Myanmar, Malaysia, Korea, Dubai ……
– 5 years plant expansion to 10,000 m2
– 10 years plant expansion to 20,000 m2

Factory management includes
– One master in specialization and
construction components;
– Ten mechanical engineers;
– Ten engineers specialized in machine manufacture;
– More than 30 skilled mechanics;

Especially, Savax Metal has been equipped with modern machinery, imported from abroad specialized use in processing sheet products metal. This is also an important support factor for the design and construction of large items, works across the country.

And with good experience and good engineering in mechanical field, Savax Metal is proud to owned a team of engineers, workers to meet the strict requirements of the most demanding customers.

Savax Metal is confident that it can process on request or any available drawings provided by the customer.


Specializing in designing and processing metal products